SSL Certificate Type and Billing
Certificate Type/Term Length or CSR Only:
Certificate bit Length:
Control Panel Username UID/RS# for Billing:
Email Address to send CSR/SSL Cert:
Organizational Contact Information
Enter the contact information for the person in your organization who is responsible for the Server ID and for providing organizational information on request. For example, a high-level manager. This must be a member of the organization you have listed above.
First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Code:
Email Address:
Verify Distinguished Name
It is absolutely essential that the company name, state/province and country that you put into this request are identical to those in your documentation. If your registered name is "Joseph's Emporium, Inc", registered in Delaware, then please do NOT submit a request for "Joe's Cafe", California. If your CSR matches your documentation, the certificate processed quickly. If not, processing may be delayed by the certificate provider.
Common Name:
The fully qualified name of the website that will be secured with this Server ID. IE:
Your organization's name. This must be the same as the registered owner of the domain name.
Organization Unit:
Optional field used to differentiate organizational divisions and DBA names.
The city or locality in which your organization does business.
The state or province where your organization does business. Must be spelled out fully, no abbreviations.
The country where your organization does business.
NOTE: All Comodo SSL certificates must pass a security validation before being issued. Comodo will send a confirmation email to the admin contact currently listed on the whois for the domain name the cert is being issued for. You must have access to the admin email account, as you will be required to follow the validation instructions listed in the email before the ssl certificate is issues by Comodo.