Virtual Hosting With VMware Produces Enterprise-Level Capabilities

Small and medium sized businesses often face the disturbing reality that limited IT capabilities inhibit their organization’s growth. Maximizing IT infrastructure becomes a vital concern, while the outlay for a dedicated server may prove too great of a financial burden for small and mid-size businesses. Another concern of businesses experiencing growth is an IT staff that has to constantly manage and maintain the status quo with no time to focus on improving the business.

VMware virtual private server (VPS) hosting and virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting provide solutions to both of these limiting situations. This article explores how VMware VPS hosting and VMware VDS hosting maximize present IT capabilities, offer massive growth potential, free up your IT professionals to work on strategy, and keep costs down.

What is virtual hosting?

Virtual hosting is the method used to transform a single physical server to function as multiple servers. Each virtual server has its own dedicated server resources and you may install any operating system, applications, and software on that virtual server without affecting any other virtual server – though many virtual servers share the same physical server. The leading developer of virtualization software is VMware. Web hosting providers offer VMware VPS hosting and VMware VDS hosting for a fraction of the price of dedicated server hosting.

What is VMware?

VMware is a company that produces virtualization tools which transform physical servers and other hardware to “virtual” machines that perform at a much greater capacity than their physical hardware warrants. VMware specializes in data protection, automated disaster recovery, and continuous application availability tools previously available only to enterprise companies. VMware authorized hosting providers use VMware virtualization tools to offer flexible, scalable, and reliable hosting with minimal hardware, resulting in a lower cost for enterprise-level growth potential and customization.

Why use VPS/VDS hosting with VMware technology?

With VMware virtualization tools and VPS/VDS hosting, businesses experience continuous uptime and increased security. Small and medium sized businesses with VMware hosting can also increase their IT efficiency more than they could with dedicated server hosting.

The high availability and uptime VMware hosting offers is due to how virtual servers can easily be transferred from one physical server to another for hardware maintenance or load balancing. Instant virtual server transfer contributes to VMware hosting’s robust security. VMware hosting services provide instant disaster recovery and create a secure environment for testing software before deployment.

Increased overall IT efficiency stems from the scalability of virtual hosting, providing your business with the technology it needs at that particular moment without having to purchase additional hardware. If certain times of the year are busier than others, VMware VPS hosting or VMware VDS hosting is easily scalable to accommodate the seasonal high traffic times.

VMware hosting uses less power and data center space than dedicated server hosting and the ability to use all available resources on a virtual server increases efficiency as well. Businesses that want to take advantage of these customizable benefits without the cost of new hardware and the increased space necessary to accommodate new hardware rely on VMware hosting.

What to look for when choosing a virtual web hosting provider

Virtual web hosting providers must have a high quality technical infrastructure and optimal environmental conditions in order to maximize the benefits VMware hosted services provide to customers. Services like managed data backups and server monitoring for your website and a secure data center safe from physical and network disasters are essential for optimal VMware hosting performance.

In addition to the data center, VMware hosting service providers must have knowledgeable support staff available 24-7-365 for fast and thorough technical support. Additionally, with virtual hosting, you can install software and scripts best suited to your website. Root access and a user-friendly control panel are also highly recommended.

WebECS provides reliable, flexible options for Windows VPS/VDS using VMware

As an authorized VMware hosting provider, backed by Windows hosting experts for over 13 years, WebECS offers VMware Windows virtual hosting for growing businesses. WebECS’ state-of-the-art data center and network are configured to provide maximum capability and security that support your VMware VPS/VDS hosting in every situation.

With WebECS, the leading VMware host provider, you can concentrate on growing your business without limitations. The WebECS team of engineers, consultants, and support staff are available to help you at all times with any questions, comments, or concerns. Combine the security, reliability, and flexibility of VMware hosting with WebECS’ expertise and take your business to the next level.

Because so many VMware VDS/VPS hosting users are businesses focused on continued growth, WebECS includes a package of software tools from SmarterTools. SmarterTool’s powerful tools include:

  • SmarterMail – A mail server that handles hundreds of thousands of emails daily with advanced SPAM filtering.
  • SmarterStats – A web and SEO analytics tool for understanding trends among your users.

To learn more about VMware hosting services and virtual web hosting for your growing business visit the WebECS website,, or contact a representative today.