Maximize the Efficiency of your Enterprise Applications with a Managed VMware Hosting Solution

Ever since the first complete virtualization solutions for the x86 architecture appeared at the middle of the last decade, the IT industry has embraced virtualization as the best way to maximize resource utilization. Virtualization has made possible a wide range of innovations in the IT sector, from consolidating servers and minimizing operational costs to improving business continuity, thanks to the high availability and seamless failover of virtual machines. As the cloud computing revolution is transforming the way we create and consume information, virtualization is leading the change towards a more efficient and reliable computing experience.

In the enterprise sector, virtualization has been hailed as a solution that increases productivity and decreases operation costs. VMware, the leader of the virtualization industry and a pioneer of the technology, provides solutions that let businesses cut costs in a time when saving money has become a mantra of countless IT managers. Managed VMware hosting solutions in particular provide companies of all sizes the opportunity to streamline their IT efforts by outsourcing expensive, demanding activities to a managed VMware hosting provider.

Opting for a managed VMware web hosting service can decrease costs associated with hosting in several ways. In this article, we will discuss how hosting enterprise applications on a managed VMware web server can help you make substantial savings and increase the reliability of the enterprise applications at the same time. Among many other business solutions that work great in conjunction with managed VMware hosting services, we can mention Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, the SharePoint platform, various Oracle products , and the SAP enterprise suite.

Increase Exchange performance more than 100% with managed VMware hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server accounts for a large share of the global email and groupware solutions market. From small and midsized companies to the largest international organizations, many enterprises rely on Exchange for email, calendaring, and contact management.

However, using Exchange can be very expensive, especially for large organizations that have thousands of email users. One major category of expenses is the cost of the physical infrastructure used to run Exchange. Even minimal installations can set budgets back tens of thousands of dollars, and, in the case of larger companies, the costs can skyrocket.

Managed VMware web hosting solutions can provide savings by replacing expensive servers that are difficult to operate and maintain, with a virtualized solution. The latest versions of Microsoft Exchange include full support for virtualization, allowing complete replacement of physical servers with no downsides in terms of functionality.

Moreover, VMware claims massive improvements in the performance of Exchange on virtual servers when compared with physical installations. The speed improvements are generated by distributing the load on several smaller virtual machines hosted on one physical server, which allows Exchange to take full advantage of the resources of the server. Hosting Exchange on a managed VMware hosting solution can effectively double the number of mailboxes that can be run on a single server, improving performance and decreasing costs.

Use managed VMware web hosting services to consolidate databases

Virtually all business applications and websites are heavily dependent on the proper functioning of database servers. For this reason, many companies massively overprovision database servers, which have, according to VMware, an average CPU usage rate of only 5%.

At the same time, database consolidation is a notoriously difficult process that often has profound and hard to estimate effects on the functioning of an application. Conventional consolidation techniques that imply grouping several database instances on one operating system or several logical databases on one instance can cause loss of configuration, resource allocation conflicts, and unexpected errors. The process of consolidation itself is lengthy and difficult, and can pose challenges even to the best prepared administrators.

By opting for a managed VMware web hosting service, you can consolidate your databases, no matter if you use Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or another database server. In the vast majority of cases, you will experience a level of performance that is similar or superior to traditional solutions. VMware web servers can support applications with intensive read/write requirements and maximize resource consumption.

Because VMware hosting solutions allow customers to host several databases on one physical server, the savings generated by virtualizing database server environments can be considerable. The instant scalability of a managed VMware host means that there is no need for massive provisioning of resources, eliminating the massive investments required in hardware and software.

Host any business application on a VMware host to improve performance and cut costs

The overhead costs of running business applications are often substantial, regardless if you are talking about an enterprise resource planning application from SAP, a massive retail management system from Oracle, or any other business application that requires high availability and reliability. The importance of enterprise software cannot be understated and many companies are eager to ensure their servers are functioning by investing massive amounts in infrastructure, backup solutions, and staff.

Nevertheless, no company can afford to ignore genuine savings opportunities, especially when the cost-cutting does not have any repercussions on the productivity of the company. Quality managed VMware hosting services allows companies to cut costs by reducing infrastructure footprints and decreasing software expenses.

With the true virtualization solutions from VMware, business applications perform at their full potential. In fact, in many cases switching from a conventional setup to a managed VMware web host actually improves the performance of the business software, which is another great benefit for cost-conscious companies.

WebECS’ managed VMware hosting services are ideal for enterprise clients

In a challenging economic climate, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the significant savings made possible by WebECS’ VMware web server solutions. Consolidate your infrastructure into a small number of VMware hosting accounts to cut costs and simplify management. The reliability and availability of your business application will increase with hot failover and seamless disaster recovery. Additionally, WebECS makes it easy to scale up when you need it, as virtual machines can be provisioned instantly, without the hassle of installing additional hardware, and with almost no downtime.

The innovative managed VMware web hosting solutions offered by WebECS let you take full advantage of your Exchange server, MS SQL database, or any other application. The flexible licensing program makes the managed VMware web hosting services available at a reasonable, “pay for what you use” model.

To learn more about WebECS’ managed VMware web hosting services or to order a plan, call 1-888-993-2327 or visit today.

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