Adding Value to Your Web Hosting Business with Great Windows Reseller Hosting Services

So you decided to offer web hosting services as part of your organizations offerings. Or maybe you have decided to start your own web hosting company. Either way, the next logical step is to attract customers. Attracting customers consists of selling your web hosting services to your target audiences. In order to attract your target audiences and convert visitors to paying web hosting customers, you need to offer the right web hosting services. You can easily attract your target audiences with a Windows reseller hosting plan.

Windows hosting is ideal for customers who want to build dynamic websites with ASP and ASP.NET. If you want to offer your customers the latest ASP hosting and ASP.NET hosting, start with a great Windows hosting reseller plan that you can use to create customized Windows web hosting accounts and resell ASP hosting and ASP.NET hosting to your Windows web hosting customers.

Finding the right Windows reseller hosting provider for your business

So how do you find a great Windows hosting reseller plan? Look for Windows reseller hosting providers that offer the latest server technology available on the market such as  Windows Server 2008. Look for a Windows reseller hosting company that provides great technical support. Your Windows hosting reseller provider should be a value-add for both you and your customers. In fact, great Windows reseller hosts provide more than just disk space and bandwidth – great Windows hosting reseller providers offer partnerships with their Windows hosting resellers. This kind of relationship is exactly what you need when you start your own reseller Windows hosting.


How a great Windows 2008 reseller hosting provider can help your business

There are plenty of Windows 2008 hosting reseller plans that provide no value to Windows hosting resellers. On the other hand, a great Windows reseller gives your business a significant boost in value by providing services your clients can use to enhance their business, and ultimately help your web hosting business achieve success. Since your business should be the only point of contact with your Windows web hosting customers, your Windows reseller host’s offerings should become a part of your own Windows hosting services.

Unfortunately, these offerings aren’t worth anything if you don’t know how to use them. Look for Windows 2008 reseller hosting that provides you with a knowledge base for your reference, as well as effective customer support for you as an administrator and for your customers. That way, if you or your customers run into any issues, the Windows hosting reseller provider can help you with any technical problems you can’t handle on your own. Access to technical knowledge also lets you provide sophisticated, well-informed customer service. A great Windows 2008 reseller hosting provider can give you that access.

Great customer service from your Windows reseller host will also save you money. For example, if you are adding web hosting services to an existing business, you do not have to invest in hiring employees to support your Windows hosting customers if you have your own reseller Windows hosting provider willing to help you take care of issues. For the comparatively low cost of your monthly plan, you’ll get an experienced support team you can add to your own web hosting service offerings.

Making the most of your Windows reseller hosting provider’s software

When marketing your own web hosting services, you should be able to offer new customers a complete array of useful programs and applications. The programs and applications you can offer to your Windows web hosting customers will ideally come from your Windows 2008 reseller hosting provider. Note that your reseller hosting provider, if they are a good, legitimate Windows reseller hosting provider, should remain behind the scenes.

Great Windows resellers also offer ASP.NET reseller hosting. ASP.NET reduces the code needed to build powerful, dynamic applications, simplifies development, and speeds up execution, making it a perfect solution for complicated, enterprise-level websites with large volumes of users. By becoming an ASP.NET hosting reseller you will attract larger, more sophisticated clients to your business. Taking care of these large clients will help build your reputation, help you attract more clients to your business, and ultimately, help you increase your revenue.

WebECS provides Windows reseller hosting with added value

WebECS gives you the tools you need to attract and retain customers. Below is a list of the features WebECS offers you and your customers with every Windows 2008 reseller hosting plan:

  • Windows ASP.NET Hosting Reseller Plans – WebECS provides Windows reseller hosting, the ideal environment for ASP.NET applications. With dozens of content options and intuitive control panels, your customers can create the high-impact websites they need. Add state-of-the-art, secure data centers and highly qualified experts, and it’s easy to see why WebECS offers the best ASP.NET reseller hosting plans on the market today.
  • Behind The Scenes Strength – With WebECS as your Windows reseller host, you’ll get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24-hour server monitoring, redundant networks, and guaranteed daily backups. Plus you get server maintenance services you can mention while marketing the strength and stability of “your” servers.
  • Reseller Education and Technical Support – WebECS offers all the tools and tutorials you need to help you run your web hosting business with maximum efficiency and technical know-how. The WebECS team of engineers and support staff can help you manage your Windows reseller hosting, Helm reseller hosting, ASP reseller hosting, and ASP.NET reseller hosting plans, as well as attend to customer technical issues when you need help.
  • Excellent Add-Ons – Whether you want a custom name for your server, the ability to use MySQL databases, an SSL certificate, or simply more domains for your Windows hosting reseller plan, WebECS gives you the flexibility and room to grow that few, if any, Windows 2008 reseller hosts can match.
  • Discreet Customer Service – You should never have to worry about losing your customers to your Windows reseller – and you won’t with WebECS. You will be the only point of contact with your customers. If you do run into a technical problem you can’t resolve, you can forward the client request to the WebECS team for resolution. WebECS will never contact your customers directly without your permission.

There are dozens of other reasons to choose WebECS as your Windows reseller hosting provider. The above list is just a few of the most popular reasons WebECS can add value to your web hosting business. Additionally, you also get reliability, flexibility, and experienced Windows 2008 reseller hosting experts available to you 24/7.

WebECS offers reliable, flexible options for Windows 2008 reseller hosting

As an authorized Windows Server 2008 provider with over 13 years of experience, WebECS can give your web hosting services real value you can use to market your company. From budget-conscious introductory plans to enterprise-level plans with 20,000MB of disk space and 50 available domains, WebECS offers Windows 2008 reseller hosting plans for every business size and need.

A state-of-the-art data center, networks configured for maximum speed, 24/7 customer support – WebECS can give your customers more without costing you more. Combine your marketing expertise with WebECS’ stability, security, and technical ability to help take your business to new levels of opportunity.

To learn more about Windows 2008 reseller hosting, as well as ASP.NET reseller hosting and Helm reseller hosting, visit or contact a WebECS Windows hosting reseller expert today.