How Enterprise Clients Can Benefit from the Managed VMware Web Hosting Solutions from WebECS

In the permanent race to cut costs and increase efficiency, the enterprise sector has always been on the forefront of technological innovations. Replacing cumbersome physical infrastructures with virtual machines, virtualization is a good example of how innovation can improve resource utilization and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Managed VMware hosting solutions are excellent choices for companies that look to streamline operations and cut costs. The benefits from moving to a managed VMware web hosting service are numerous, from decreasing personnel costs to improving efficiency through server consolidation. WebECS, a managed VMware web hosting provider and an industry-leader in Windows hosting, has recently published a paper called Maximize the Efficiency of your Enterprise Applications with a Managed VMware Hosting Solution. The article outlines the main benefits of migrating business applications to virtual infrastructures and is recommended to any manager interested in working with a managed VMware web host.

Move mail servers, databases, and other business-critical apps to a reliable managed VMware web host

The recently published WebECS article analyzes the way managed VMware web hosting solutions can decrease the ongoing costs of running enterprise software.

Mail servers, and especially high-end solutions like Microsoft Exchange Servers, require significant investments to set up, as well as ongoing costs for maintenance and operation. Taking into account the cost of backup servers can skyrocket the cost of infrastructure to 5-digit numbers. In this context, it’s crucial to maximize the performance of a machine. In other words, host as many mailboxes as possible on one machine, without compromising the quality of the service.

By opting for a good managed VMware hosting provider, you can maximize the number of mailboxes that are hosted on a server. In some cases, the capacity of the machine jumps by 100%, thanks to the ability to use several virtual machines that work in unison as one server.

Database servers are another category of installations that can be migrated to a VMware web hosting solution to increase efficiency and performance. Many companies have multiple database servers that are underutilized, which makes their operation very expensive. By opting for a managed VMware web hosting provider such as WebECS, you can quickly and easily consolidate all database instances onto one hosting solution. The benefits of VMware server consolidation are immediate and substantial – smaller costs, better management, and higher availability.

As the WebECS article explains, nearly all business applications run flawlessly on virtual servers. In many cases, their performance is even improved, thanks to the powerful VMware technology that eliminates latencies and optimizes data transfers.

WebECS provides enterprise-ready VMware web hosting solutions

WebECS enables companies to take advantage of the full power of virtualization, through server consolidation, rapid deployment, and seamless disaster recovery. Powered by industry-leading virtualization solutions, WebECS’ managed VMware hosting services combine a state-of-the-art infrastructure with the latest software solutions.

Enterprise customers can generate substantial savings by moving from expensive and hard to manage conventional setups to agile virtual environments that excel in performance. No matter if you want to run a high-profile corporate site, a mail server, or a business-critical financial application, the VMware hosting solutions provided by WebECS can help you cut costs and increase performance.

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