Increase your Return on Investment with WebECS’ Managed Web Hosting Solutions

Information technology expenses are one of the most significant costs categories for modern businesses, especially for companies with Internet-oriented business models. Among the most significant IT related costs, the cost of administering servers, including web, database, and mail servers, can reach 6-figure sums every year. It’s no surprise that companies of all sizes look for opportunities to downsize administration costs while keeping or improving the reliability of their hosted applications.

Many businesses have found that managed web hosting services provide the best combination of low costs, reliability, and capabilities on the market. As a recent article from WebECS shows, managed hosting solutions are much more affordable than hiring an in-house server administrator. Additionally, the Increase Reliability and Decrease IT Costs by 60% by Using Managed Hosting Services article demonstrates that the quality of the managed hosting services is in most cases superior to in-house server administration, thanks to non-stop monitoring and quick reaction times.

Slash costs the smart way by outsourcing server administration to a managed hosting provider

The overall cost of administering your web servers in-house depends on the salary and benefits paid to your employees. The salary of an experienced server administrator starts from $70,000 per year and can reach $100,000, without taking into account benefits, taxes, and other expenses. If you decide to start with an inexperienced employee, you will also be required to invest heavily in personnel training.

Even if you choose to assign the task to an existing employee or to handle it yourself, the costs of in-house server administration can still be substantial. Plus, you need to consider the loss of productivity and the costs generated by redirecting the workforce from other areas of activity. By comparison, the managed web hosting service packages offered by WebECS are substantially cheaper than the in-house option. For just a relatively small monthly fee, you benefit from the services of a team of professional administrators who are well trained in all aspects of server administration.

Get more for your money with a WebECS managed web hosting solution

As the recent article published by WebECS shows, in many cases the quality of in-house administration services is not on par with the results obtained by outsourcing them to a specialized provider. For example, the response time in case of emergencies is often much longer when employing an in-house administrator. Why this discrepancy? Few companies can afford to hire a dedicated full-time server admin. Instead, the task of server administration is delegated to existing employees, which causes work overload and decreased efficiency. Moreover, outside working hours, the average response time is even longer, as employees need to go back to the office to investigate the problem.

With the managed web hosting services from WebECS, you will see a clear reduction of response times in case of emergency. WebECS uses a state-of-the-art network operations center (NOC), which monitors the functioning of all servers in the data center in real time. If something goes wrong, WebECS’ technical team is ready to step in to mitigate the issue, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For quality managed web hosting solutions, choose WebECS

A longtime leader in the Windows hosting sector and one of the most respected names in the hosting industry, WebECS is trusted by thousands of clients from around the world. The quality of the managed hosting services, the professional and friendly staff, and permanent attention to the needs of the customer have positioned WebECS at the forefront of the managed hosting services market.

WebECS offers advanced managed hosting solutions, from fully managed web servers (both dedicated and virtual) to mail servers and databases servers. No matter what managed hosting service you need, the professionals at WebECS are prepared to help.

We encourage you to call 1-888-993-2327 or visit today to learn more about the full range of managed web hosting services or to order a hosting plan.

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