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Unleash the Potential of your Web Application with the Windows Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Plans from WebECS

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Many developers and administrators of up-and-coming web sites are confronted with the difficult task of ensuring a smooth transition from basic shared web hosting to more capable hosting plans. Adding to the difficulty of choosing the right hosting plan, webmasters need to weigh in the economic aspect of the problem, and decide if the investment in an expensive dedicated server is truly necessary.

One solution that has become popular in recent years is virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting, also known as virtual private server (VPS) hosting. VDS hosting is a service that combines the affordability of shared hosting plans with the performance offered by dedicated servers. WebECS’ recently published article, Windows VDS Hosting Provides the Best Combination of Performance and Affordability for your Hosting Needs, explores the benefits of hosting a site or web application on a VDS.

The article describes how virtualization technology works, explains the advantages of VDS hosting, and describes why Windows is the best operating system for running a virtual private server. You will learn how VPS hosting uses powerful virtualization techniques to minimize costs while offering performance parameters that are similar to more expensive dedicated servers.


Make the Best Choice for your Business by Hosting your Site on a Windows Virtual Dedicated Server from WebECS

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Windows virtual dedicated servers (Windows VDS) combine the flexibility and power of a dedicated server with the accessibility of a shared hosting plan. Windows VDS have emerged as the answer to the increasing demand for powerful solutions that can satisfy the needs of growing websites and web applications, without the significant costs that come with dedicated servers.

In a nutshell, VDS (also known as virtual private servers) work by simulating (virtualizing) a physical server, complete with hardware resources including RAM, disk space, and software including an operating system (OS) and various applications running on top of the OS. A large segment of the VDS hosting services on the market are powered by Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows Server 2008. The success of Windows VDS hosting services can be explained by the massive popularity of Microsoft web technologies, such as ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server, which enable developers to create robust interactive web applications.


VDS Hosting is Ideal for Customers Looking for an Advanced yet Affordable Hosting Solution

Friday, March 18th, 2011


Many successful businesses will sooner or later come to a point when their websites begin receiving more traffic than their current hosting can handle. As many start with shared hosting plans, they face a dilemma – which hosting plan should they migrate their website to for a successful web hosting experience. Dedicated hosting is popular and a great option, but in order to move from a shared web hosting plan to a dedicated server hosting plan means spending a lot more money each month – sometimes hundreds of dollars per month.

So what do you do when it’s time to upgrade your shared hosting plan, but spending hundreds of dollars is out of the question? You upgrade to virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting – a hosting solution that almost matches dedicated hosting in terms of features yet has a much more attractive price. Combining the affordability of shared hosting and many great features of dedicated hosting, VDS hosting is the best fit for many businesses not ready to shell out hundreds of dollars per month on hosting. Many webmasters and private individuals with specific needs for their websites will also enjoy the advanced features VDS hosting has to offer.

Has shared hosting become too small for your thriving company website? Are you looking for a great hosting solution that is affordable yet advanced enough to accommodate your website growth for years to come? Do you want to get the most out of the latest Microsoft technologies and enjoy seamless integration with your website? A recently published WebECS article, VDS Hosting Services Offer Advanced Features that Greatly Enhance Your Online Experience, outlines the benefits of VDS hosting over other types of hosting and explores great enhancements that VDS hosting offers for growing websites of any type and any level of complexity.


Advanced Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Offers Increased Performance and Reliability

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

With success comes growth in the business world. Growth usually means businesses begin looking for a bigger place to accommodate their increasing needs and growing workforce. Similarly, when your website success and popularity grow, you will need to look for a bigger, better hosting solution with more resources to accommodate your website’s growth. If you started off with shared hosting, like many businesses and private individuals do, then you have two options you can choose – virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting and dedicated hosting.

While dedicated hosting is the pinnacle of web hosting, its price is simply too much for most small to medium-sized businesses. Not only that, dedicated hosting may even be an impractical choice since VDS hosting offers almost the same features but with a much lower impact on your budget. VDS hosting is a significant advancement over shared hosting surpassing shared hosting in every aspect. And VDS hosting is also a cost-effective alternative to dedicated hosting.

VDS hosting strikes a perfect balance between shared hosting and dedicated hosting and is therefore a perfect choice for businesses that need an advanced hosting solution to migrate to without having to spend a lot on dedicated hosting.


The VMware Virtual Hosting Solution for Uptime, Security and IT Efficiency

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting and virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting give businesses that are outgrowing their shared hosting plans the capacity to expand. VMware, the virtual technology company, creates hardware and software tools that enable a single physical server to perform like many “virtual” servers. Learn all about virtual hosting and VMware VPS/VDS hosting in WebECS’ latest Virtual Hosting With VMware Produces Enterprise-Level Capabilities article.

VMware hosting combines security with uptime

As a VMware authorized hosting provider, WebECS utilizes VMware data protection tools to ensure secure hosting is available at all times. Virtual servers at WebECS can be transferred easily and quickly from one physical server to another for instant security, load balancing, or scheduled server maintenance.

For both security and efficiency, you can install software and scripts best suited to your website without affecting the websites on other virtual servers. Likewise, no customizations made by a different virtual server will affect the performance of your own VMware hosted service account. WebECS VMware hosting gives you the opportunity to create a specialized online environment without risk.

VMware hosting supports business growth

Sometimes addressing an IT issue, such as more robust hosting options, reveals the potential for a business to expand in unexpected ways. WebECS VMware VPS hosting and VMware VDS hosting are built with clustered server infrastructure and SAN data storage. These services increase uptime and network security and they provide your business with a strong IT foundation. With VMware hosting services, your IT technicians can move from maintenance and disaster control to supporting expanded service offerings. Your market reach is only limited by your aspirations.

WebECS VMware hosted services are built with your business in mind

Flexible and scalable VMware technology, WebECS expertise in Windows hosting, and a WebECS support staff dedicated to your satisfaction 24×7, create an unbeatable environment for your company’s continued success. Learn more about WebECS VMware hosting services by contacting a service representative today.

WebECS Improves Responsiveness and Security in Windows Virtual Hosting Plans

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

As expert Windows web hosting providers, WebECS takes reliability, performance and security seriously. We recently upgraded all Windows virtual web hosting plans. Read all about it in our latest press release, WebECS Announces Increased Responsiveness and Security for Virtual Windows Hosting, or read on for some of the major highlights. The Windows virtual dedicated server (VDS) and Windows virtual private server (VPS) web hosting plans have been upgraded to Intel’s newest processor, the Intel Xeon 5600. And our in-house, custom-built control panel for WebECS Windows VDS hosting, VMP v1.5, has important improvements across the board.

What is Windows VPS and Windows VDS web hosting?

Windows VPS/VDS hosting allows website owners to configure servers according to their business needs, not according to what works best for all others sharing the same server. By creating a “virtual” server and isolating the different operating systems from each other, WebECS virtual hosting gives individual websites the ability to install their own applications and rely on constantly available server resources.

Why does Windows VDS/VPS hosting need upgrading?

With technology and website capabilities constantly expanding and changing, web hosting must remain flexible and improve with the latest changes in technology. Regular hardware and software upgrades allow WebECS to provide the most efficient Windows web hosting and support with consistent uptime for both simple and extremely complex websites. WebECS prides itself on providing top-of-the-line technology with 24-7-365 support available for every question or issue customers may have regarding their hosting plans.

How do Intel Xeon 5600 processors improve Windows VDS/VPS web hosting?

The Intel Xeon 5600 processors create an ideal environment for virtual servers in several ways. They produce less heat, increase disk space and yield more processing power. Not only that, Intel Xeon 5600 processors benefit Windows VDS/VPS hosting specifically by increasing encryption speed and improving data transmission security. With the Xeon 5600 processors, your servers will respond faster and more safely so you can put your full attention on growing your business instead of worrying about your web hosting.

How does the updated VDS control panel improve Windows VDS web hosting?

WebECS offers VDS web hosting with a custom VMware control panel, VMP v1.5, built by our team of Windows hosting experts. The new VMP control panel has clearer functions and is easier to use, while displaying more of the pertinent server information you need for effective website management. Another unique feature is automated server provisioning, so you don’t have to install your systems and applications manually. With these improvements, Windows VDS hosting becomes simple and intuitive.

WebECS Windows VDS/VPS hosting options

When you are ready to move up from shared hosting, Windows VDS/VPS hosting is the next step. WebECS has many Windows VPS hosting and Windows VDS hosting options, both managed and unmanaged, for all stages of website growth. WebECS guarantees superior performance, security and uptime with 24-7-365 support. For more information on how WebECS Windows virtual web hosting can help your business grow, contact a service representative today.