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Move from a Physical to Virtual Server Infrastructure with Windows VDS Hosting Services

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Aside from being a popular hosting solution due to the support for Microsoft proprietary technologies it provides, Windows VDS hosting is best known for offering a well-balanced mix between cost-efficiency, flexibility, and control. Based on virtualization technology, Windows VDS servers are virtual machines with more power than shared or VPS server lines and lower costs than stand-alone Windows dedicated servers. With Windows VDS hosting you get a dedicated web hosting environment with your own guaranteed resources and direct access to the physical hardware. You have full control of your Windows VDS server and can install hardware, software, and applications of your choice and customize your hosting experience to your specific business needs.

Windows VDS hosting services provide a perfect balance between price and performance coupled with all the power, flexibility, and control you need to grow your business to the next level. If you are considering virtualization for your business and want to know more about Windows VDS hosting, WebECS’ recently published article Adapt your IT Infrastructure to Changing Business Needs with Windows VDS hosting Solutions, provides information on server virtualization and VDS hosting. The article discusses virtualization options, explains the reasons Windows is a popular platform for VDS hosting and explores the key benefits that are causing an increasing number of businesses to opt for Windows VDS hosting solutions.


Adapt your IT Infrastructure to Changing Business Needs with Windows VDS hosting Solutions

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Over the last few years, virtualization technologies have evolved significantly, providing businesses with an opportunity to leverage the power of virtualization to maximize their IT infrastructure utilization and minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The ability to virtualize servers and to reclaim excess capacity with increased processing efficiency, better resource utilization, and significant cost reduction through consolidated hardware and maintenance has drawn the interest of businesses of all sizes. IT managers and decision makers view server virtualization as an important first step in a company’s journey toward enterprise-wide virtual infrastructure.

Currently, virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting (sometimes referred to as virtual private server or VPS hosting) is the most sought-after hosting solution due to the guaranteed power and performance and sustainable business value it provides. Designed to help small and large corporate organizations reduce overhead costs and improve overall system performance, VDS hosting is one of the best solutions to fulfill growing business demands. This article will shed more light on server virtualization and VDS hosting by discussing virtualization options, the reasons Windows is a popular platform for VDS hosting and the key benefits that are causing so many businesses to opt for Windows VDS hosting solutions.


Windows VDS Hosting is Ideal for Maximizing Utilization Rates and Minimizing Costs

Monday, July 18th, 2011

With server virtualization technology becoming mainstream, businesses of all sizes are increasingly adopting virtualization as a way to vastly reduce costs through consolidated hardware and maintenance, better resource utilization, reduced management, and increased processing efficiency. Virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting represents the latest trend in the web hosting market, providing individuals and business owners with a powerful platform capable of handling even the most demanding tasks. For highly visited, busy websites such as e-commerce or corporate sites, VDS hosting is the best and most cost-efficient solution. Since all resources are allocated exclusively to a single website, the cost of this solution is significantly lower while the level of performance and availability is significantly higher.

One of the best platforms suited for VDS hosting is Microsoft Windows. The Windows platform and virtualization make a perfect combination for high traffic, data-driven websites. Windows VDS hosting plans are the best choice for those looking to maintain control and increase convenience and cost-efficiency. Convenience is provided by powerful control panels while control and cost benefits are achieved through functionality equivalent to dedicated server hosting and a price that is often considerably lower than having your own physical server. If you want to keep your IT investments to a minimum and at the same time enjoy more efficient, agile service delivery without compromising control, Windows VDS hosting service is just what you need.