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Get the Expert Support you Need for your Business and your IT Infrastructure by Implementing Managed Windows Hosting Solutions

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The majority of business owners view dedicated server hosting as an invaluable asset in driving the company’s growth and ensuring successful business operations. However, not many of them realize that there are various types of dedicated hosting available, including fully managed, partially managed, and unmanaged. In addition, each of these dedicated hosting services can be classified according to the operating system they are based on, primarily Windows or Linux. Unfortunately, not all forms of dedicated hosting are suited for the average web developer or busy business owner. Along with the incredible capabilities and powerful functionality of a dedicated server comes additional server management responsibilities and the need for more expertise in server administration.

If your company uses Windows-based software and applications to carry out its operations, do not take on the stress, hassle, and expense of attempting to manage your own Windows dedicated servers. Choose a managed Windows hosting solution and let professional server administrators provide a managed service that will allow you to focus on your core business without having to spend valuable time and resources on server management and administration.

This article focuses particularly on managed Windows hosting. It defines what managed Windows hosting is, explains how Windows hosting contributes to overall business efficiency and describes the responsibilities of a managed Windows hosting provider.


Windows Web Hosting Provides a Secure, Reliable, and Highly Flexible Platform for Hosting Dynamic Websites, Services, and Applications

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Customers looking for reliable and affordable web hosting pay attention to the price, features, and uptime included in a hosting plan. While all these things are important and need to be considered to make the right choice, even more important is to determine what hosting platform will be required for your website. There are two popular hosting platforms offered by the majority of web hosts – Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Before getting a hosting plan, you need to choose the platform that meets the requirements of your website.

Among the two hosting platforms, the Windows hosting platform is the most advanced. Along with native support for Microsoft technologies such as classic ASP and ASP.NET, Windows hosting also fully supports PHP – the most popular scripting language for Linux. Basically, users with Windows hosting can easily create, install, and run both ASP.NET and PHP-driven websites, which cannot be achieved with Linux hosting. Windows hosting is therefore best suited for customers who require support for Microsoft technologies but may also need to use PHP or other Linux-specific scripts. This article explores Windows hosting, its benefits and uses, and provides tips on choosing a reliable Windows web host and hosting plan.