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Windows VDS Hosting Provides the Best Combination of Performance and Affordability for your Hosting Needs

Friday, May 20th, 2011

For a growing number of businesses and Internet professionals, virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting has emerged as the solution that provides the best combination of high performance, availability, and flexibility at affordable prices. VDS hosting is an ingenious solution to the difficult problem of offering performance at a reasonable cost and is especially suited for small to mid-sized business that have outgrown their shared hosting but are not ready to invest in their own dedicated servers.

Windows VDS hosting works on virtual dedicated servers running Microsoft’s specialized server operating systems such as Windows Server 2008. Windows VDS hosting has a series of advantages over cheaper shared hosting plans, but it is also superior in many aspects to the expensive dedicated physical server solutions. In this article, we will examine the strong points of Windows VDS hosting services over other hosting solutions, discuss when VDS hosting plans are recommended, and describe how your business will benefit from using a Windows VDS hosting plan.


VDS Hosting Services Offer Advanced Features that Greatly Enhance Your Online Experience

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

People quickly get used to good things, often forgetting the time when they had to cope without them. There was a time when website owners on shared hosting had no other option but to migrate to dedicated hosting when their website’s size and popularity grew. But the price difference was tremendous. And still is to this day. Moving from a shared hosting plan to a dedicated plan is like going from a single-engine prop plane to a fighter jet where performance and price are remarkably different.

Now with the latest emerging virtualization technology, web hosting providers can bridge the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting by offering virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting. VDS hosting has become a perfect, cost-effective migration platform for websites that have simply outgrown their shared hosting services. Website owners have started embracing this new type of hosting because it gives them performance on par with dedicated hosting, but with a much more appealing price tag.

But what exactly made VDS hosting so popular among small to medium-sized (SMB) and even larger businesses, webmasters, and private individuals? This article explores VDS hosting and its peculiarities, details the benefits of VDS hosting over other types of hosting, and explains the perfect time you should start looking for a good VDS hosting solution and migrate your website from shared hosting.