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Advantages of ASP.NET Web Hosting Services vs. Linux Web Hosting

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

As the two most popular server operating systems, Windows and Linux each offer their own advantages. ASP.NET lets websites run the newest, most interactive content. While Windows allows for ASP.NET web hosting, Access databases, and other proprietary Windows applications, Linux offers lower costs, more versatile customization, and a multitude of evolving applications.

These differences, however, are not as clear-cut as they might first appear. ASP.NET, for example, can run on the Linux platform. While Linux is not a “free” solution, it is sometimes portrayed as a more cost-effective hosting solution. And in some cases, may be more expensive to run than Windows servers. However, Windows-based server hosting makes a lot more sense for small, medium, and large businesses, particularly if they have dynamic applications that best run in an ASP.NET hosting environment and minimal time to spend on server management.