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Outsource Server Management Activities so you can Focus on Core Business Objectives

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Managing and maintaining a server infrastructure can put an enormous strain on your business operations. If server management and systems operation is not a core competency of your business, you should consider outsourcing these responsibilities to a team of professionals who can provide online server support and IT management of your servers, applications, and network. Engaging the services of IT professionals removes the stress and burden of managing your servers internally. Outsourcing also presents the opportunity to consolidate operating costs, build profitability, and leverage your existing resources to fulfill your business objectives.

If you are using Windows server systems to power your business and are looking for ways to avoid the hassle of dealing with server management, outsourcing server management activities to a managed Windows hosting provider can be the best solution for you. WebECS’ recently published article, Get the Expert Support you Need for your Business and your IT Infrastructure by Implementing Managed Windows Hosting Solutions, provides the essential information you need to get started with managed Windows hosting. The article explains what managed Windows web hosting is, explores how Windows hosting contributes to overall business efficiency, and describes the responsibilities of a managed Windows hosting provider.


Increase your Business Productivity and Efficiency with Managed Windows Hosting Solutions

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

With servers at the core of your network there is a clear correlation between the performance of your servers and the achievements of your business. Simply put, the better your servers are managed, the more efficient and productive your business operations are – and there’s no better way to manage your dedicated servers than to outsource the responsibility to a reliable managed web hosting provider. When it comes to the performance, security, and flexibility of your mission-critical websites and web applications, managed web hosting is exactly what you need. The capability for focusing time and effort on business growth without having to deal with technical issues has turned managed hosting into a sound business solution for companies of all sizes.

If your company relies on Microsoft-based applications for business productivity and organization, you may want to consider managed Windows hosting. This type of hosting provides powerful capabilities that are streamlined by the assistance of expert Windows server administrators. With a managed Windows hosting plan, your Windows server will be running at peak performance, ensuring you get out of your network what your business needs. If you want to boost business productivity and reduce the amount of time and effort spent on server administration and web hosting tasks, managed Windows hosting is the best option for you.