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WebECS Announces ISAPI_Rewrite 3 Hosting

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

ISAPI_Rewrite 3 Hosting is now available on our Windows 2008/2012 hosting platforms!

ISAPI_Rewrite is Apachemod_rewrite compatible URL rewriter for Microsoft IIS. It is used for search engine optimization, proxying another server’s content, stopping hotlinking and strengthening server security. It supports distributed .htaccess configuration files, enhanced regular expressions and nearly all mod_rewrite features.

WebECS Announces Node.js Hosting

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Node.js Hosting is now available on our Windows 2008/2012 hosting platforms!  This is considered  a beta service, since Node.js is still a 0.x.x release, and it is not available on our Windows 2003 platform.

Node.js enables developers to write client side along with a server side code in javaScript and has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Please see for more information.

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

ASP.NET is a powerful programming language that enables you to create dynamic websites. In a recent WebECS article, Choosing an ASP.NET Web Hosting Provider, we explore the performance capabilities of ASP NET and ASP NET web hosting services. The article discusses both the advantages and limitations of using ASP.NET to create your website and how to choose a reliable ASP.NET web hosting provider. If you use ASP.NET, or are considering using it for an upcoming project, read the “Choosing an ASP.NET Web Hosting Provider” article for a thorough explanation.

What makes WebECS ASP.NET hosting different from other Windows hosting services?

For ASP.NET hosting, WebECS provides servers configured specifically for ASP NET programming. The ASP NET programming runs server-side, with the server running and executing the source code. Another difference, especially important for web programmers and small business owners who use ASP.NET extensively, is a control panel with intuitive features for monitoring and maintaining the ASP website. WebECS ASP.NET web hosting plans also offer many ways to integrate media such as images, audio, and video into your websites.

In addition to the specific features necessary for ASP.NET programming success, your website needs to be available online and running smoothly at all times. WebECS has a state-of-the-art data center configured for instant data transmission times and constant monitoring of all systems to ensure full functionality at every level. Our unparalleled support staff has thorough knowledge of Windows hosting and Windows troubleshooting. We are at your service 24-7-365 to answer any questions you have about your ASP hosting account.

WebECS makes it even easier to get the control you want

The WebECS ASP web hosting control panel comes with specialized features to give you full control over your ASP NET hosting experience.

  • IIS7 Remote Management: Choose flexible remote management options with your WebECS control panel. You can manage URL Rewrite, delegate management tasks to non-system administrators, request filtering and tracing, and manage local and remote databases. The control panel includes a media pack that allows you to deliver multiple media formats from a single server.
  • Microsoft Web App Gallery: Access the Microsoft Web App Gallery from your ASP NET control panel to make installation of popular web applications onto your web page smooth and easy. DotNetNuke® Community Edition, Joomla! and WordPress are just a few of the applications available.

As Windows hosting experts, WebECS knows ASP.NET inside and out

Do you have any questions about using ASP.NET for your website? For more information about ASP.NET and ASP.NET webhosting, read the recent WebECS article Choosing an ASP.NET Web Hosting Provider or contact us today.

Protecting Interactive ASP NET Websites with SSL Certificates

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

WebECS proudly hosts dynamic, interactive websites created using ASP NET programming. ASP hosting has grown with the use of opt-in pages, ecommerce, forums, and many other features that developers enjoy using to develop websites that engage interactivity with customers. Along with the development of these online capabilities, websites are more vulnerable when people are sharing personal information. As a result, people have suffered negative consequences like identity theft. To make online transactions between web servers and browsers secure, Netscape developed a system called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol in the form of a web-based certificate.

What is ASP web hosting with SSL certificates?

SSL certificates ensure safe, private transactions. Visitors and potential customers have confidence in websites that display an SSL certificate as it shows the website is safe to use when purchasing products and services. Every WebECS ASP NET hosting plan, including ASP.NET reseller hosting, ASP.NET VPS hosting, and ASP shared hosting, are all protected by a shared SSL certificate or you can purchase your own SSL certificate. Our SSL certificates let you know we take your security and the security of your web visitors seriously.

How does SSL work with ASP.NET web hosting services?

Millions of websites use SSL to protect online transactions. Each SSL certificate contains your organization’s digital identity, along with both Public and Private Keys and the ability to initiate an encrypted link. When visitors view your SSL certificate, they can see that your company is legitimate and your website is safe to use. The ASP web hosting plans at WebECS protect you and your customers with SSL certificates so you can create the best user experience on your website with secure ASP.NET hosting.

The best ASP.NET hosting options

WebECS offers ASP shared hosting, ASP.NET VDS hosting, ASP.NET VPS hosting, and ASP.NET reseller hosting for all types of websites and businesses ranging from small businesses to professional web developers. View our previous blog post, What Makes ASP.NET Hosting at WebECS so Unique?, for details about how ASP.NET hosting services can support your interactive website.

At WebECS, our Windows web hosting experts will install your SSL certificate or show you how to use our shared SSL certificate. WebECS ASP.NET web hosting with SSL certificates give you fast data transmissions, dedicated 24-7-365 technical support, 99.99% uptime guarantee backed by top of the line technology, and information security for your website and your web visitors.

Contact WebECS for more information on how WebECS protects your vital data.