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Maximize the Efficiency of your Enterprise Applications with a Managed VMware Hosting Solution

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Ever since the first complete virtualization solutions for the x86 architecture appeared at the middle of the last decade, the IT industry has embraced virtualization as the best way to maximize resource utilization. Virtualization has made possible a wide range of innovations in the IT sector, from consolidating servers and minimizing operational costs to improving business continuity, thanks to the high availability and seamless failover of virtual machines. As the cloud computing revolution is transforming the way we create and consume information, virtualization is leading the change towards a more efficient and reliable computing experience.

In the enterprise sector, virtualization has been hailed as a solution that increases productivity and decreases operation costs. VMware, the leader of the virtualization industry and a pioneer of the technology, provides solutions that let businesses cut costs in a time when saving money has become a mantra of countless IT managers. Managed VMware hosting solutions in particular provide companies of all sizes the opportunity to streamline their IT efforts by outsourcing expensive, demanding activities to a managed VMware hosting provider.

Opting for a managed VMware web hosting service can decrease costs associated with hosting in several ways. In this article, we will discuss how hosting enterprise applications on a managed VMware web server can help you make substantial savings and increase the reliability of the enterprise applications at the same time. Among many other business solutions that work great in conjunction with managed VMware hosting services, we can mention Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, the SharePoint platform, various Oracle products , and the SAP enterprise suite.


Choose a VMware Web Hosting Solution from WebECS to Receive the Services of Top-notch Professionals

Monday, September 19th, 2011

For many web hosting customers, managed virtual private servers provide the perfect balance of generous resources and reasonable pricing, making VPS hosting the preferred choice for the mid-range segment. The steady demand for virtual hosting has generated a massive growth in the industry, and today, customers have dozens, if not hundreds of potential providers to choose from. The competition is generally beneficial for the customer, however, the wide selection of offers makes it difficult to identify quality providers. As a result, customers are often reduced to relying on chance when selecting a hosting provider.

One good way to find a good managed VPS hosting provider is to opt for companies that use the most reputable tool in the industry, the VMware virtualization suite. Moreover, to ensure that your VMware server is in good hands, look for a managed VMware web hosting provider that employs certified professionals, preferably server administrators that have received training and certification from VMware.


Increase your Return on Investment with WebECS’ Managed Web Hosting Solutions

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Information technology expenses are one of the most significant costs categories for modern businesses, especially for companies with Internet-oriented business models. Among the most significant IT related costs, the cost of administering servers, including web, database, and mail servers, can reach 6-figure sums every year. It’s no surprise that companies of all sizes look for opportunities to downsize administration costs while keeping or improving the reliability of their hosted applications.

Many businesses have found that managed web hosting services provide the best combination of low costs, reliability, and capabilities on the market. As a recent article from WebECS shows, managed hosting solutions are much more affordable than hiring an in-house server administrator. Additionally, the Increase Reliability and Decrease IT Costs by 60% by Using Managed Hosting Services article demonstrates that the quality of the managed hosting services is in most cases superior to in-house server administration, thanks to non-stop monitoring and quick reaction times.


Increase Reliability and Decrease IT Costs by 60% by Using Managed Hosting Services

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

In-house server administration is one of the most resource consuming activities in many companies, from small family businesses to the largest corporations. But, while blue-chip corporations with multi-million dollar IT budgets can afford sinking money, time, and human resources in extensive in-house data centers, small to medium businesses (SMB) and freelance professionals cannot afford the luxury of investing in pricey internal administration services.

Managed hosting services have emerged as the solution to the conundrum faced by countless small business owners and IT managers: how to keep server administration expenditures in check, while ensuring a reliable functioning of the hosted websites or web applications. Currently, the market is flooded with managed hosting offers from various providers. Clients can find it difficult to decide which hosting company provides the best total cost of ownership and return on investment. Some providers advertise managed hosting services packages at unrealistically low prices; others do offer managed services but the cost of the service is prohibitive.

Clients can identify the best option for their web hosting needs only through careful research. But doing your research is certainly worth it when it comes to purchasing a managed web hosting solution. In some situations, outsourcing server management to a specialized managed hosting provider can decrease IT costs up to 60% when compared to in-house hosting. In the following article, we show you how moving to a managed hosting solution can help you cut costs and free up personnel for other tasks. We also discuss outsourcing mail server and database server administration, two areas where savings can be substantial. Let’s start with a quick overview of the costs implied by hosting a website or web application in-house.


Get a Comprehensive Managed Hosting Service Package from WebECS

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Many people think that managed hosting means having a professional server administrator maintain your dedicated server or VPS. That’s true in many cases, but quality managed web hosting includes much more than outsourcing maintenance services. A good managed hosting provider will give you access to a well-configured, security hardened server (either a physical or a virtual machine), will execute regular maintenance operations and will actively monitor your system for all types of problems.

Unlike cheaper competitors that offer a limited range of services, WebECS provides customers a complete managed hosting service package. From managed VMware hosting to managed dedicated SQL Server, whatever managed service you need, WebECS is ready to help you. Read on to see the full range of managed services we deliver and how you can use them to cut costs and save precious resources.

Get the most stable hosting infrastructure with managed web hosting services from WebECS

In today’s difficult economic environment, companies need to make the most of available resources in order to gain an edge over the competition. With a complete line of leading managed hosting services, WebECS offers companies and professionals on the Internet the opportunity to gain the competitive advantage they need to thrive.

If you run a complex web application or several high traffic websites, you will probably need more than basic server administration services. For example, data-intensive applications require a dedicated database server to handle all the information collected and processed during operation. If you opt for a less reputable managed hosting solution provider, you will probably need to install and manage the database server yourself. That’s fine as long as you have the time and resources, but why not let a professional hosting company do it for you while saving money at the same time?

WebECS offers customers several specialized managed hosting services including:

  • Managed VMware hosting services

    If you require virtualization to power your web hosting solutions, you will be glad to know that WebECS uses powerful virtualization technology from industry-leader VMware. Also, your VPS will be monitored and administered by a certified specialist in virtualization solutions, including seasoned VMware Certified Professionals.

    • Managed dedicated SQL Server

    For data-intensive applications, there is no better choice than a managed dedicated SQL Server. WebECS’ tech team will make sure that your SQL databases are optimized for maximum efficiency and reliability, which in turn improves the reliability of your websites.

    • Managed dedicated mail servers

    Mail servers take a lot of time to manage, maintain, and support. Let a mail server specialist configure and administer a completely dedicated mail server, freeing resources that you can use better in other areas

    For advanced managed hosting solutions, choose WebECS

    WebECS is the market leader in Windows managed hosting solutions with years of experience in providing reliable managed hosting services to clients of all sizes. Each technician working at WebECS has thousands of hours of hands-on experience in administering servers. Put a seasoned professional hosting company in charge of your web server, SQL server, or mail server to see a clear increase in the reliability of your systems and a significant cost reduction.

    The wide range of managed hosting services and the expert technical team put WebECS ahead of most competitors. Outsource your server management services to WebECS today in order to benefit from an excellent managed hosting solution and a cost decrease of up to 60%.

    To learn more about the managed hosting service or to order a quality managed hosting solution, please call 1-888-993-2327 or visit