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Increase your Business Productivity and Efficiency with Managed Windows Hosting Solutions

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

With servers at the core of your network there is a clear correlation between the performance of your servers and the achievements of your business. Simply put, the better your servers are managed, the more efficient and productive your business operations are – and there’s no better way to manage your dedicated servers than to outsource the responsibility to a reliable managed web hosting provider. When it comes to the performance, security, and flexibility of your mission-critical websites and web applications, managed web hosting is exactly what you need. The capability for focusing time and effort on business growth without having to deal with technical issues has turned managed hosting into a sound business solution for companies of all sizes.

If your company relies on Microsoft-based applications for business productivity and organization, you may want to consider managed Windows hosting. This type of hosting provides powerful capabilities that are streamlined by the assistance of expert Windows server administrators. With a managed Windows hosting plan, your Windows server will be running at peak performance, ensuring you get out of your network what your business needs. If you want to boost business productivity and reduce the amount of time and effort spent on server administration and web hosting tasks, managed Windows hosting is the best option for you.


Utilize VMware Web Hosting to Ensure Rapid Recovery of your Business-Critical Systems

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Preparing your business for a potential disaster is a key component to business continuity planning. If a natural or manmade disaster were to strike, would your business be able to recover quickly? VMware web hosting offers a proven, cost-effective solution that can alleviate the demands for efficient disaster recovery and reduce risks. Capitalizing on the scalability and recoverability of VMware virtualization technology, VMware hosting thwarts the potential dangers of unforeseen disasters and ensures continued business operations and rapid recovery of your systems.

If you require 100% availability of your business-critical data every hour of every day, VMware web hosting will provide you with a disaster-proof environment ensuring that your data and applications are always available and always safe. You can learn more about VMware hosting and how VMware hosting services can benefit your business in WebECS’ recently published article, Virtualize your IT Infrastructure and Achieve Improved Efficiency and Business Responsiveness with VMware Hosting Solutions. The article provides information on the main features of VMware hosting and the ways in which VMware hosting can be utilized to best suit your business.


Virtualize your IT Infrastructure and Achieve Improved Efficiency and Business Responsiveness with VMware Hosting Solutions

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

As web technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, business owners are looking for ways to leverage the latest technology trends to streamline and accelerate their business processes while keeping associated costs to a minimum. Cloud computing with VMware virtualization is now the viable solution to fulfill the need of businesses for increased operational efficiency and optimized infrastructure costs. Cloud-based VMware hosting holds the promise of agile, streamlined IT service delivery with lower complexity, reduced costs, and better business responsiveness and continuance.

Moving your IT operations to a VMware cloud architecture allows you to realize the benefits of outsourcing the complexities and costs associated with server administration and hardware and software maintenance. VMware web hosting provides an effective tool for virtualizing your IT infrastructure with an advanced technology that gives you full control, complete reliability, unparalleled scalability, and high security – all at a low price point. In this article we explore the main features that VMware hosting has to offer and the ways in which VMware hosting can be utilized to best suit your business.


Start Enjoying the Benefits of Virtualization with VMware Hosting

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

VMware hosting is one of the most popular and sought-after hosting solutions today, largely due to the fact that it delivers unparalleled performance and scalability while reducing the overall costs of hosting. VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions and offers the highest levels of availability and responsiveness and the lowest cost-per-application in the virtualization industry. VMware hosting builds on virtualization technology to deliver virtual cloud computing solutions that provide an effective, scalable, and cost-efficient model that meets the core requirements of any business IT infrastructure.

Small and medium sized businesses are increasingly turning to VMware web hosting to take advantage of an enterprise class infrastructure while keeping costs down. Larger businesses have been using VMware hosting solutions to simplify their IT needs and procure fixed infrastructure and business operating costs with guaranteed service levels. For businesses large and small, VMware hosting offers an ideal framework for integrating business processes. VMware hosting services support IT infrastructure with solutions that leverage the power of the cloud while ensuring high levels of security and preserving the value of existing IT investments.