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Unleash the Potential of your Web Application with the Windows Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Plans from WebECS

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Many developers and administrators of up-and-coming web sites are confronted with the difficult task of ensuring a smooth transition from basic shared web hosting to more capable hosting plans. Adding to the difficulty of choosing the right hosting plan, webmasters need to weigh in the economic aspect of the problem, and decide if the investment in an expensive dedicated server is truly necessary.

One solution that has become popular in recent years is virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting, also known as virtual private server (VPS) hosting. VDS hosting is a service that combines the affordability of shared hosting plans with the performance offered by dedicated servers. WebECS’ recently published article, Windows VDS Hosting Provides the Best Combination of Performance and Affordability for your Hosting Needs, explores the benefits of hosting a site or web application on a VDS.

The article describes how virtualization technology works, explains the advantages of VDS hosting, and describes why Windows is the best operating system for running a virtual private server. You will learn how VPS hosting uses powerful virtualization techniques to minimize costs while offering performance parameters that are similar to more expensive dedicated servers.


Windows VDS Hosting Provides the Best Combination of Performance and Affordability for your Hosting Needs

Friday, May 20th, 2011

For a growing number of businesses and Internet professionals, virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting has emerged as the solution that provides the best combination of high performance, availability, and flexibility at affordable prices. VDS hosting is an ingenious solution to the difficult problem of offering performance at a reasonable cost and is especially suited for small to mid-sized business that have outgrown their shared hosting but are not ready to invest in their own dedicated servers.

Windows VDS hosting works on virtual dedicated servers running Microsoft’s specialized server operating systems such as Windows Server 2008. Windows VDS hosting has a series of advantages over cheaper shared hosting plans, but it is also superior in many aspects to the expensive dedicated physical server solutions. In this article, we will examine the strong points of Windows VDS hosting services over other hosting solutions, discuss when VDS hosting plans are recommended, and describe how your business will benefit from using a Windows VDS hosting plan.


Make the Best Choice for your Business by Hosting your Site on a Windows Virtual Dedicated Server from WebECS

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Windows virtual dedicated servers (Windows VDS) combine the flexibility and power of a dedicated server with the accessibility of a shared hosting plan. Windows VDS have emerged as the answer to the increasing demand for powerful solutions that can satisfy the needs of growing websites and web applications, without the significant costs that come with dedicated servers.

In a nutshell, VDS (also known as virtual private servers) work by simulating (virtualizing) a physical server, complete with hardware resources including RAM, disk space, and software including an operating system (OS) and various applications running on top of the OS. A large segment of the VDS hosting services on the market are powered by Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows Server 2008. The success of Windows VDS hosting services can be explained by the massive popularity of Microsoft web technologies, such as ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server, which enable developers to create robust interactive web applications.