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Save Money, Time, and Administrative Resources by Unifying Your Infrastructure with Powerful Windows Hosting Services

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Among many web hosting platforms available today, Windows hosting is the most advanced hosting platform that’s popular with the majority of enterprise customers, web developers, and web designers. In addition to native support for Microsoft products and technologies, Windows hosting allows customers to effortlessly install and run the most popular PHP-based Linux applications, while the Linux platform only offers subpar support for a few, mostly older, Microsoft technologies. On the other hand, the increasing popularity of dynamic, highly interactive websites like blogs, CMS, and social networking websites developed using ASP.NET technology, adds a great deal to Windows hosting as the technology can only run on a Windows platform.

With more websites being created using ASP.NET and other popular Microsoft web developing tools such as WebMatrix, Silverlight and others, Windows web hosting is becoming the hosting platform of choice for an increasing number of web developers and web designers worldwide. A recently published WebECS article, Windows Web Hosting Provides a Secure, Reliable and Highly Flexible Platform for Hosting Dynamic Websites, Services, and Applications, outlines the benefits of Windows hosting, explores what makes Windows hosting so popular, and provides tips on how to choose a reliable Windows hosting plan. Windows hosting is a great alternative to Linux hosting for customers who need the ability to seamlessly run PHP scripts while retaining full support for Microsoft technologies and simplicity of managing a hosting account offered by the Windows platform.


Windows Web Hosting Provides a Secure, Reliable, and Highly Flexible Platform for Hosting Dynamic Websites, Services, and Applications

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Customers looking for reliable and affordable web hosting pay attention to the price, features, and uptime included in a hosting plan. While all these things are important and need to be considered to make the right choice, even more important is to determine what hosting platform will be required for your website. There are two popular hosting platforms offered by the majority of web hosts – Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Before getting a hosting plan, you need to choose the platform that meets the requirements of your website.

Among the two hosting platforms, the Windows hosting platform is the most advanced. Along with native support for Microsoft technologies such as classic ASP and ASP.NET, Windows hosting also fully supports PHP – the most popular scripting language for Linux. Basically, users with Windows hosting can easily create, install, and run both ASP.NET and PHP-driven websites, which cannot be achieved with Linux hosting. Windows hosting is therefore best suited for customers who require support for Microsoft technologies but may also need to use PHP or other Linux-specific scripts. This article explores Windows hosting, its benefits and uses, and provides tips on choosing a reliable Windows web host and hosting plan.


Advanced Windows Hosting Services for Customers Who Require Support for the Latest Microsoft Technologies

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

In this day and age, static websites are becoming obsolete. Rapidly evolving technology and a constant influx of information requires highly dynamic and interactive websites with content that can be added, changed, and updated instantly by website owners and website visitors. ASP.NET is one of today’s most popular web tools for building dynamic websites of any complexity used by businesses and web developers worldwide. Websites created with ASP.NET can run natively on a Windows hosting platform. ASP.NET requires the .NET Framework and Internet Information Services (IIS) to be installed on a web server in order to be deployed successfully.

Although the Linux platform provides some level of support for ASP.NET technology, it is limited. Businesses and web developers who need to host their dynamic ASP.NET-driven websites should look for a powerful Windows hosting service from a reliable web host in order to be able to successfully install and run their ASP.NET website. While many web hosts offer both Windows and Linux hosting platforms to their customers, it is always a good idea to choose a hosting provider who specializes in Windows hosting so you can be sure your hosting service will be 100% compatible with your ASP.NET website and applications.