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VDS Hosting is Ideal for Customers Looking for an Advanced yet Affordable Hosting Solution

Friday, March 18th, 2011


Many successful businesses will sooner or later come to a point when their websites begin receiving more traffic than their current hosting can handle. As many start with shared hosting plans, they face a dilemma – which hosting plan should they migrate their website to for a successful web hosting experience. Dedicated hosting is popular and a great option, but in order to move from a shared web hosting plan to a dedicated server hosting plan means spending a lot more money each month – sometimes hundreds of dollars per month.

So what do you do when it’s time to upgrade your shared hosting plan, but spending hundreds of dollars is out of the question? You upgrade to virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting – a hosting solution that almost matches dedicated hosting in terms of features yet has a much more attractive price. Combining the affordability of shared hosting and many great features of dedicated hosting, VDS hosting is the best fit for many businesses not ready to shell out hundreds of dollars per month on hosting. Many webmasters and private individuals with specific needs for their websites will also enjoy the advanced features VDS hosting has to offer.

Has shared hosting become too small for your thriving company website? Are you looking for a great hosting solution that is affordable yet advanced enough to accommodate your website growth for years to come? Do you want to get the most out of the latest Microsoft technologies and enjoy seamless integration with your website? A recently published WebECS article, VDS Hosting Services Offer Advanced Features that Greatly Enhance Your Online Experience, outlines the benefits of VDS hosting over other types of hosting and explores great enhancements that VDS hosting offers for growing websites of any type and any level of complexity.