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Key Benefits of ASP.NET Hosting Versus Linux Hosting

Saturday, January 29th, 2011


When it comes to choosing a web hosting solution for your company or personal website, making the right choice can sometimes be a challenge. Which provider should you choose when thousands are available? Which type of hosting should you use when so many options are available? Which hosting platform will work best for your website? These are common questions you want answered before you make your important decision. While the first two questions can be answered easily, the third question may take time depending on your specific needs such as what development tools you are going to use and what kind of technologies you will need for your website.

Many web hosting providers focus their business on a particular hosting platform such as Windows or Linux. Each platform has its own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.  The major difference between the two platforms is the technologies they support. For your company, there might not be a difference as to what server platform you need for your server to power your company’s website – your clients’ browsers will be compatible with it anyway. However, if you want to make use of Microsoft’s powerful new technologies like ASP.NET, SharePoint, or Silverlight, you need to choose Windows hosting. Why?


Using Your Windows Hosting Reseller Plan to Give Brilliant Customer Service

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Windows 2008 reseller hosting gives you the ability to sell web space while providing your customers with maximum stability, an array of excellent add-ons, and world-class technical support. In a recently published WebECS article, Adding Value to Your Web Hosting Business with Great Windows Reseller Hosting Service, learn the ways your business can maximize your web hosting services by partnering with your Windows reseller hosting provider.

The article also outlines how you can pass value on to your customers by offering services like ASP.NET hosting, ASP hosting, and general Windows hosting, backed by the technical expertise of your reseller Windows hosting provider.

What should you look for in Windows 2008 reseller hosting providers?

When shopping for Windows hosting reseller plans, ASP hosting reseller plans, and ASP.NET hosting reseller plans, you should look for the following.

  • Solid, discreet technical service to handle technical problems you can’t handle on your own.
  • Background stability consisting of maximum uptime, daily backups, 24/7 monitoring, and maximum security precautions.
  • Use of the most current applications, including Silverlight and Windows Web App Gallery.


The article provides more details on what to look for in a Windows reseller hosting provider. Plus you will learn how you can add value to your potential customers by using the right Windows reseller hosting services.


Use Windows Reseller Hosting Plans to Increase Your Revenue

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Web hosting is perhaps the largest online business sector as every website of any size needs a reliable web hosting provider. Web hosting entrepreneurs use Linux or Windows reseller hosting and ASP.NET hosting reseller plans rather than setting up their own servers to resell web hosting services. A reliable Windows reseller hosting service gives you the tools and resources you need in order to host your customers’ websites while charging your own rates.

With Windows hosting reseller plans, you get to provide your own additional services using disk space and bandwidth on your Windows reseller host’s servers instead of your own. And you will also be able to offer the latest Windows technology – Windows Server 2008 – at a fraction of the price other web hosting providers charge with a reliable Windows 2008 reseller hosting service. How? With WebECS Windows reseller hosting services, you get your own Windows 2008 reseller hosting plan at an incredible low cost.