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The VMware Virtual Hosting Solution for Uptime, Security and IT Efficiency

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting and virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting give businesses that are outgrowing their shared hosting plans the capacity to expand. VMware, the virtual technology company, creates hardware and software tools that enable a single physical server to perform like many “virtual” servers. Learn all about virtual hosting and VMware VPS/VDS hosting in WebECS’ latest Virtual Hosting With VMware Produces Enterprise-Level Capabilities article.

VMware hosting combines security with uptime

As a VMware authorized hosting provider, WebECS utilizes VMware data protection tools to ensure secure hosting is available at all times. Virtual servers at WebECS can be transferred easily and quickly from one physical server to another for instant security, load balancing, or scheduled server maintenance.

For both security and efficiency, you can install software and scripts best suited to your website without affecting the websites on other virtual servers. Likewise, no customizations made by a different virtual server will affect the performance of your own VMware hosted service account. WebECS VMware hosting gives you the opportunity to create a specialized online environment without risk.

VMware hosting supports business growth

Sometimes addressing an IT issue, such as more robust hosting options, reveals the potential for a business to expand in unexpected ways. WebECS VMware VPS hosting and VMware VDS hosting are built with clustered server infrastructure and SAN data storage. These services increase uptime and network security and they provide your business with a strong IT foundation. With VMware hosting services, your IT technicians can move from maintenance and disaster control to supporting expanded service offerings. Your market reach is only limited by your aspirations.

WebECS VMware hosted services are built with your business in mind

Flexible and scalable VMware technology, WebECS expertise in Windows hosting, and a WebECS support staff dedicated to your satisfaction 24×7, create an unbeatable environment for your company’s continued success. Learn more about WebECS VMware hosting services by contacting a service representative today.