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WebECS Improves Responsiveness and Security in Windows Virtual Hosting Plans

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

As expert Windows web hosting providers, WebECS takes reliability, performance and security seriously. We recently upgraded all Windows virtual web hosting plans. Read all about it in our latest press release, WebECS Announces Increased Responsiveness and Security for Virtual Windows Hosting, or read on for some of the major highlights. The Windows virtual dedicated server (VDS) and Windows virtual private server (VPS) web hosting plans have been upgraded to Intel’s newest processor, the Intel Xeon 5600. And our in-house, custom-built control panel for WebECS Windows VDS hosting, VMP v1.5, has important improvements across the board.

What is Windows VPS and Windows VDS web hosting?

Windows VPS/VDS hosting allows website owners to configure servers according to their business needs, not according to what works best for all others sharing the same server. By creating a “virtual” server and isolating the different operating systems from each other, WebECS virtual hosting gives individual websites the ability to install their own applications and rely on constantly available server resources.

Why does Windows VDS/VPS hosting need upgrading?

With technology and website capabilities constantly expanding and changing, web hosting must remain flexible and improve with the latest changes in technology. Regular hardware and software upgrades allow WebECS to provide the most efficient Windows web hosting and support with consistent uptime for both simple and extremely complex websites. WebECS prides itself on providing top-of-the-line technology with 24-7-365 support available for every question or issue customers may have regarding their hosting plans.

How do Intel Xeon 5600 processors improve Windows VDS/VPS web hosting?

The Intel Xeon 5600 processors create an ideal environment for virtual servers in several ways. They produce less heat, increase disk space and yield more processing power. Not only that, Intel Xeon 5600 processors benefit Windows VDS/VPS hosting specifically by increasing encryption speed and improving data transmission security. With the Xeon 5600 processors, your servers will respond faster and more safely so you can put your full attention on growing your business instead of worrying about your web hosting.

How does the updated VDS control panel improve Windows VDS web hosting?

WebECS offers VDS web hosting with a custom VMware control panel, VMP v1.5, built by our team of Windows hosting experts. The new VMP control panel has clearer functions and is easier to use, while displaying more of the pertinent server information you need for effective website management. Another unique feature is automated server provisioning, so you don’t have to install your systems and applications manually. With these improvements, Windows VDS hosting becomes simple and intuitive.

WebECS Windows VDS/VPS hosting options

When you are ready to move up from shared hosting, Windows VDS/VPS hosting is the next step. WebECS has many Windows VPS hosting and Windows VDS hosting options, both managed and unmanaged, for all stages of website growth. WebECS guarantees superior performance, security and uptime with 24-7-365 support. For more information on how WebECS Windows virtual web hosting can help your business grow, contact a service representative today.