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Protecting Interactive ASP NET Websites with SSL Certificates

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

WebECS proudly hosts dynamic, interactive websites created using ASP NET programming. ASP hosting has grown with the use of opt-in pages, ecommerce, forums, and many other features that developers enjoy using to develop websites that engage interactivity with customers. Along with the development of these online capabilities, websites are more vulnerable when people are sharing personal information. As a result, people have suffered negative consequences like identity theft. To make online transactions between web servers and browsers secure, Netscape developed a system called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol in the form of a web-based certificate.

What is ASP web hosting with SSL certificates?

SSL certificates ensure safe, private transactions. Visitors and potential customers have confidence in websites that display an SSL certificate as it shows the website is safe to use when purchasing products and services. Every WebECS ASP NET hosting plan, including ASP.NET reseller hosting, ASP.NET VPS hosting, and ASP shared hosting, are all protected by a shared SSL certificate or you can purchase your own SSL certificate. Our SSL certificates let you know we take your security and the security of your web visitors seriously.

How does SSL work with ASP.NET web hosting services?

Millions of websites use SSL to protect online transactions. Each SSL certificate contains your organization’s digital identity, along with both Public and Private Keys and the ability to initiate an encrypted link. When visitors view your SSL certificate, they can see that your company is legitimate and your website is safe to use. The ASP web hosting plans at WebECS protect you and your customers with SSL certificates so you can create the best user experience on your website with secure ASP.NET hosting.

The best ASP.NET hosting options

WebECS offers ASP shared hosting, ASP.NET VDS hosting, ASP.NET VPS hosting, and ASP.NET reseller hosting for all types of websites and businesses ranging from small businesses to professional web developers. View our previous blog post, What Makes ASP.NET Hosting at WebECS so Unique?, for details about how ASP.NET hosting services can support your interactive website.

At WebECS, our Windows web hosting experts will install your SSL certificate or show you how to use our shared SSL certificate. WebECS ASP.NET web hosting with SSL certificates give you fast data transmissions, dedicated 24-7-365 technical support, 99.99% uptime guarantee backed by top of the line technology, and information security for your website and your web visitors.

Contact WebECS for more information on how WebECS protects your vital data.

What Makes ASP.NET Hosting at WebECS so Unique?

Monday, April 12th, 2010

WebECS offers comprehensive ASP NET web hosting plans for web developers and businesses that maintain their own websites. One of the best ways to create dynamic, interactive websites is by using WebECS ASP hosting plans as they give you access to the Microsoft Web App Gallery. With ASP NET hosting you can easily download popular web applications through the user-friendly control panel. Building websites that connect with web visitors is one part of the equation. ASP web hosting completes the equation by making sure websites function smoothly and reliably.

In addition to super fast technical support and high quality servers that WebECS is known for, our ASP.NET hosting plans include generous options for bandwidth, disk space, databases and SQL so you can build your website with endless possibilities.

What types of businesses flourish with ASP web hosting?

Businesses of all types that want a high level of interaction with website visitors, especially ecommerce websites, use ASP website hosting to accomplish their goals. For example, ecommerce is easy to set up in a way that is intuitive for your customers to use. You can plan every step of the buying process with the user in mind and make it effortless to make a purchase. And with WebECS ASP hosting, every website data request and visitor transaction is fast and secure.

What special features do the WebECS ASP.NET hosting plans offer?

WebECS offers a complete ASP.NET web hosting environment – we have experience hosting Windows ASP and ASP.NET since the programming languages were first released. SQL and scripting language support is included so you can implement the innovative solutions for all types of websites.

WebECS technical support is available 24-7-365 to make sure you get the answers you need quickly and thoroughly. The resources available at, such as the Knowledge Base and community forum, add depth to your learning experience. And you can program your website with confidence knowing that 13 years of expert Windows hosting experience is behind you.

A Streamlined New Look for WebECS

Monday, April 5th, 2010

With 13 years of reliability and care in providing all-inclusive Windows hosting services, we decided it was time that our website, logo, and tagline accurately reflect the value WebECS brings to the Windows web hosting marketplace. You will see changes on the WebECS website that show our dedication to constant innovation and delivery on Windows hosting services and support – in all aspects.

After working hard to develop first-class Windows servers, guaranteed to increase the speed of your websites, applications, and email while providing reliable and thorough expertise, we began experimenting with new logo colors, fonts, and different tagline options. Expressing so much in a memorable and streamlined way took a lot of focus, and we are very proud of the results.

Our new website changes, logo, and tagline indicate the specialized service and knowledge you can expect from WebECS as your expert Windows web hosting service provider.

WebECS launches new logo and tagline

The new WebECS logo now reflects our continuous development and attention to providing the best Windows hosting services in the industry. With a company that has withstood the evolving Windows web hosting industry for over 13 years (and counting), you can rest assured that WebECS will continue to provide the Windows hosting environment your business needs for years to come. WebECS offers a variety of hosting options, from simple Windows website hosting to managed Windows dedicated server solutions.

The tagline “We Host IT” reflects our ability to host everything a company needs to run a successful business. Playing on “IT” as “Information Technology” and emphasizing “it” with capital letters signifies the importance of what we do, how we do it, and what we can do for your business as Windows web hosting experts. So when we say, “We Host IT,” we offer Windows hosting, Windows reseller hosting, Windows VDS/VPS hosting, customized Windows managed dedicated servers, database hosting, and much, much more.

If you have specialized Windows hosting needs, WebECS consultants are always available to help determine the best course for your business and develop a flexible, customized hosting plan.

We are Windows IT experts

Not only does WebECS provide industry expertise and unparalleled Windows hosting support, you can take advantage of our expert knowledge provided in the tutorials and Knowledge Base including DotNetPanel demos and tutorials, Helm demos and tutorials, and access to qualified Windows IT experts. So go for IT. Get the most out of your Windows web hosting experience with all the resources available to you at WebECS. The same reliable service, industry knowledge, and customer support you expect from WebECS is all at your fingertips. Also note that all of our expert Windows hosting support staff, technicians, engineers, and management, work in the WebECS offices in Columbus, OH. We do not outsource something as important as your satisfaction to anyone outside WebECS or outside the country.

What do you think of the new WebECS logo and tagline? Let us know.