Helm Control Panel Tutorials Tutorials on using the Helm Control Panel

Helm - User Tutorials

     How to login to Helm              How to create a MS Access database        
     How to use Password reminder              How to create an ODBC DSN        
     How to change your Helm password              How to install Frontpage extensions        
     How to manage your billing              How to use File Manager        
     How to add extra features to your account              How to install the shared SSL certificate        
     How to add new packages              How to create custom error pages        
     How to add a domain              Managing DNS zones with DNS Zone Editor        
     How to create a POP email account              How to use Secure Folders        
     How to create an autoresponder              How to view your website statistics        
     How to create an email forwarder (redirect)              How to change your FTP password        
     How to create a Multi-Recipient Address              How to change your Frontpage password        
     How to create an FTP account              How to edit your personal details        
     How to create a subdomain              How to add Virtual Directories        
     How to create a domain pointer (alias)              How to edit your Default Documents list        
     How to create a MySQL database              How to enable Parent Paths        
     How to create a MS-SQL database        

Helm - Reseller Tutorials

       How to login to Helm as a reseller                How to setup Payment Reminders        
       How to create a new hosting plan                How to setup Payment Receipts        
       How to add a package to a user                How to configure your Invoice Settings        
       How to add a domain to a user                Configuring your Welcome message and Signup Script        
       How to edit a user's hosting account                Viewing customer invoices and transactions        
       How to setup a user's Helm password                How to configure domain registration settings        
       How to change your Helm password                How to use the messaging system        
       How to edit your personal details                How to create a default home page        
       How to edit your customer's personal details                How to run System Reports        
       Branding your user's Helm control panel                How to setup Over Usage Notifications        
       How to setup the Helm Billing system                How to configure Global DNS settings        
       How to setup Payment Gateways                How to setup Extra Feature Notifications        

Please review the HELM Reseller Guide.